Sustainability Statement

AHE is grounded in a strong commitment to excellence. We recognize the critical importance of environmental sustainability in a challenging health care landscape. Our vision for sustainability includes a commitment to environmental stewardship; provision of a safe workplace for our staff and safe and clean environment for our patients; and balanced and sound management of our financial resources.


AHE—its members, vendors, and staff—support the ongoing efforts toward improving sustainability performance measures in health care facilities, vendor organizations, and our communities.

AHE will actively support programs, policies, and initiatives that responsibly advance conditions that improve sustainability performance.

AHE will lead and promote development and implementation of the timely, efficient, effective, safe, and patient-centered policies and programs within the health care environmental services discipline.

AHE will develop strategies to help the profession balance the need for sustainable environmental operations with an individual facility’s economic strength and ability. This balance includes recognizing the responsibility to the communities facilities serve and to quality patient outcomes.

AHE will lead and advance effective health care sustainability within the discipline of health care environmental services. AHE is sensitive to the need to balance:

  • Environmental stewardship
  • Community responsibility
  • An institution’s economic strength and success
  • Quality patient outcomes and improvement
  • AHE overall vision and mission and the AHA commitment to the Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence (HPOE) initiative

AHE commits to the following strategic initiatives:

  • To create and promote the health care environmental services vision for environmental sustainability.
  • To develop a multi-tiered certificate program that will facilitate efficient, effective, value-added, environmentally sustainable health care operations achievable within all budgets and to recognize facilities that meet or exceed the program’s standards of achievement.
  • To act as liaison between AHE members, the manufacturing community, and regulatory agencies having an impact on health care environmental services sustainability efforts.
  • To develop a roadmap of comprehensive resources to assist stakeholders in improving their sustainability performance.
  • To acquire data, information, and access to tools and resources to effectively and efficiently facilitate implementation of sustainable operations.
  • To identify barriers to the advancement of sustainability goals and to facilitate practical and cost-effective solutions to overcoming those challenges.
  • To encourage health care organizations to strive for the highest level of sustainability feasible in light of their financial considerations.
  • To share success stories and best practices from facility programs that promote innovations in sustainability.

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