Introduction to the Consumer Guide to Green Health Care Programs

Beyond the Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals, many tools are available to assist you with sustainability planning, facility design, day-to-day operations, and ongoing performance measurement. Determining which tools are most appropriate for use by your organization could require considerable time and resources. The Roadmap Consumer Guide to Green Health Care Programs, Rating Systems, and Organizations is designed to help with this task.

When considering which rating system to employ, an organization will want to consider whether the program addresses its primary objectives, ease of use requirements, public recognition potential, and short- and long-term strengths. Accordingly, the Consumer Guide provides:

  • A side-by-side summary of each green rating program
  • Information to help identify which program will help the organization achieve its goals
  • An overview of benefits most likely to result from pursuit of the program, including:
    • Public relations: internal measure based on program name recognition and how the organization chooses to take advantage of the PR opportunities
    • Financial: internal cost implications, immediate and life-cycle
    • Environmental: measures in terms of specific strategies and real benefits to the environment

The guide is best used as an integral part of your sustainability planning, as encouraged throughout the Roadmap. To get the most out of the green program selected, it is important that you:

  • Understand your organization's goals and available resources. Some systems and programs take more resources to implement than others. Assess how your organization could use the system or program to achieve its goals.
  • Understand what your organization wants to measure and whether it is preferable to benchmark performance against past experience or in comparison with the performance of other facilities. Each system uses different benchmarking tools and measures; choose one that will help achieve the desired level of improved performance.
  • Identify the program's usefulness for developing short- and long-term plans and budgets, and determine whether it ultimately allows the organization to focus on the proposed goal(s).

These tools will continue to evolve as the experience base grows. Your input and feedback will help us make this a vibrant and useful working tool. Please use the Contact Us page to share your experience and feedback.

  • Consumer Guide (coming soon)

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