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    Use the Roadmap's target-setting tools to help define goals and create a strategic plan to improve your facility’s sustainability. Learn more about the Energy Efficiency Challenge (E2C), watermark! tool, and waste target-setting tools.

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    Green light projects are simple, straightforward improvement measures that are the perfect starting point if you’re at the beginning of your sustainability journey or can provide easy-to-achieve goals if you’re well along the road to sustainability. Read more...

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    Environmental and climate change law is extremely complex and quickly evolving, and jurisdictional lines often overlap. Use Climate Change 101 to learn how to keep all of the legal entities, regulations, and protocols straight.

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    Making the business case: The Roadmap business case worksheet for energy and water projects can help you evaluate the life cycle costs of basic energy- or water-related retrofit projects. Users enter information in the spreadsheet provided and a variety of ROI metrics are returned. Read more...

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    Hospital Energy Efficiency Challenge – just do it! Join an E2C Chapter Challenge. Start by benchmarking your energy performance and setting goals for improving your facility’s energy efficiency. Step up to the starting block with the right team in place, and pull the trigger to launch your action plans using the Roadmap PIMs. Win awards or get help to improve! Set up or join a Challenge today. Read more...

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    Support the Roadmap and elevate the discussion. We are committed to delivering robust, high-quality sustainability tools and resources to busy health care professionals. The Roadmap needs your expertise to help develop content and your support to make its engine run. Find out today about the many opportunities for, and benefits of, supporting the Roadmap. Read more...

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