From the Executive Director

Sustainability has been in our collective consciousness for decades, and it seems the number of resources on the topic grows exponentially each year. Yet the process of actually applying the fundamental concept of sustainability to a modern, busy hospital can be confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming. Many ASHE members have reported they followed one sustainability prescription or another only to find that the promised benefits never materialized.

So in 2010, ASHE helped create the Sustainability Roadmap in an effort to cut through the spin, hype, and misinformation and provide hospitals with practical measures that can produce real and tangible benefits for hospitals. By organizing all our materials into one location, and by partnering with the AHA personal membership groups for hospital environmental services managers and for materials and supply chain managers, we are collecting good material already out there and developing new resources to fill in the gaps.

In 2013, we revamped the Sustainability Roadmap website to provide updated information, more hands-on tools, and the ability for health care facilities to share successes. These additions will help the Sustainability Roadmap continue to thrive in the future and provide the best source of sustainability information for hospitals. ASHE has been involved in the sustainability issues of energy efficiency and renewable planning, design, and construction for many years, and we remain committed to the more comprehensive and unified approach evident in the Sustainability Roadmap.\

Just as a roadmap does not tell you where to go, but provides information to help you choose a route, the Sustainability Roadmap provides guidance to help your facility achieve sustainability goals. Whether you are just starting out, or are far along on the journey to sustainably managed health care facility operations and design, the Sustainability Roadmap can help you reach your destination.

We hope you will find these resources valuable. We are determined to help you accomplish this mission. Thank you for living the ASHE vision and taking a leadership role in making your hospital more sustainable.

Dale Woodin, CHFM, FASHE
ASHE Executive Director
February 2013


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