Implementation of Sustainability Strategies

The Implementation section of the Roadmap provides two sources of information for improving your organization’s sustainability performance: a list of specific performance improvement measures (see below) and the ASHE-EPA Energy Efficiency Challenge.

Performance Improvement Measures

Performance improvement measures (PIMs) are organized by categories for energy, water, waste, supply chain, and chemicals but searchable by department, attribute, and level. A subset of the PIMs is a list of Green Light projects—projects that are easy to implement, have good payback, and offer proven results (based on wide implementation with good results), among other benefits listed in each PIM. These projects are a good place to start on the road to sustainability.

Each PIM published in this section of the Roadmap, Green Light project or not, is intended to provide enough information and implementation tools for you to manage your project: design tools, case studies, and resources. We invite you to contribute content to the PIMs using the DISQUS feature at the bottom of each PIM.

Below are links to the published PIMs, sorted by category. Use the advanced search or keyword search features to find a PIM on a specific topic.


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