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The Sustainability Roadmap LISTSERV® is a discussion forum that uses e-mail as its medium. Discussion should be limited to topics related to sustainability in hospitals.

LISTSERV® Guidelines

To use the Sustainability Roadmap LISTSERV®, users must agree to these guidelines:

  • The Roadmap LISTSERV® does not accept attachments. If you have an attachment to share, please include your e-mail address in the body of your message and ask to be contacted directly. It would be most helpful if you include your e-mail address in your signature.
  • If you are requesting a document that has been offered by another LISTSERV participant, please write directly to that individual rather than replying to the group. Replying to the list with "me, too" is highly discouraged.
  • Be aware that replies to a LISTSERV® message go to all subscribers. Also, all messages are archived and searchable. Materials posted and approved cannot be deleted and therefore, subscribers should not write something they may regret later.
  • VENDOR NOTE: Do not sell any products or contractor services on this list. While we appreciate the expertise that many vendors have to offer, we request that companies and individuals refrain from advertising or soliciting on the Sustainability Roadmap LISTSERV®. If you can offer expertise, guidance, or information on given subjects, please do so, but do not offer this advice as an attempt to sell your own product or service. Any attempt to solicit customers may result in removal from the Sustainability Roadmap LISTSERV®.
  • Please do not post job openings to the Sustainability Roadmap LISTSERV®. Each of the PMGs has a job posting resource:

ASHE Career Flash
AHE Career Link
AHRMM Career Center

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Subscribe Now

If you agree to the guidelines above, you may subscribe to the Sustainability Roadmap LISTSERV. All subscriptions must be approved, after which you will receive a confirmation message.

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Posting to the List

To post to the list, subscribers should send an e-mail to Please make the subject line of your message clear and concise to help other subscribers decide whether the message is relevant for them.

The Sustainability Roadmap LISTSERV® is moderated, which means no message will go through to the rest of the list unless it has been approved by a moderator. Subscribers should be aware that moderation slows the posting process, and messages will only be approved during regular business hours.

Inappropriate posts (see guidelines above) will be rejected outright. Posts that are not sustainability-related might be better suited to the ASHE, AHRMM, or AHE LISTSERV if they are consistent with the objectives of those groups; in that case, posters will receive a friendly e-mail pointing them to the appropriate place.

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List Archives and Settings

After you are subscribed, you can search or browse through previous discussions by setting up a LISTSERV® password. You can also modify your personal settings to receive a digest or index version of the list as well as temporarily suspend e-mails if you will be away from your inbox for an extended period.

  1. Start here by registering your LISTSERV® password. Fill out the form, and you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.
  2. When your password is confirmed, click on the "Log In" link at the top right of the confirmation page, or click here [new link].
  3. Once logged in, click on the "Subscribers Corner" link at the top of the page. Then click on the list name "SUSTAINABILITY-ROADMAP-L" (ignore the checkbox) to search the archives or browse by week.
  4. To change your settings, log in and click on the "Subscribers Corner" link at the top of the page. Then click on the "[Settings]" link next to the Sustainability Roadmap LISTSERV® list name. (Hint: Click on the question mark icons on the settings page to see what the options mean.)

Note: If you subscribe to more than one list on the server, you will see more than one list name in a dropdown menu.

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