Green Light Projects

For organizations looking to start on the sustainability journey, this Roadmap section provides a list of the top things a facility can undertake right now to get on the road to sustainability.

The Roadmap's list of Green Light projects for each topic area provides a selection of performance improvement measures that could be called "low-hanging fruit" because they are

  • Easily implemented considering the cost and resources required.
  • Widely accepted and often implemented by other organizations. The benefits of these measures are known and the strategies for achieving them are well-documented.
  • Measurable in terms of environmental benefits.
If every hospital in the country accomplished only these projects, we would collectively and significantly improve the sustainability performance of the health care sector.

The Roadmap Implementation section includes an extensive compilation of performance improvement measures (PIMs). The Green Light project lists are a subset of the PIMs that constitute a sustainability effort at the basic level. The Roadmap PIMs are an evolving database of specific projects that potentially could suit your organization’s needs at any phase of your sustainability journey.

Note: At the launch of the Roadmap, the only PIMs on the website are the Green Light projects. Keep an eye on this page and the Roadmap Implementation section for notification when PIMs at the intermediate and advanced levels have been added.


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