Implementing and managing sustainability programs in hospitals is a journey. Get started by educating yourself about where you want to go, your timeline, and the route you want to take. With so many possible destinations (programs or projects) from which to choose, it can be hard to know where to begin—energy, water, waste, supply chain? The Topics section provides educational information ranging from defining the problem to compliance considerations, potential opportunities and benefits, and information about using the Roadmap to guide your journey.

The diagram below illustrates the aspects of hospital operations most commonly addressed in sustainability efforts: the input of energy, water, and materials and their associated output of emissions, effluent, and waste. An organization may begin its sustainability journey at the basic level, meeting a minimal level of performance, and move toward advanced sustainability goals using the “plan > do > check > act” process. The timeline suggests these programs do not happen overnight and require both short- and long-term plans.

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AHA Sustainable Future Roadmap

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